Product Advantages
Visualization of the API Asset Management
Comprehensive full-lifecycle management of API assets, visualization of API ecosystem assets, easy-to-view multi-dimensional data statistics, and analysis presentation.
Visualization of the Process Orchestration
Support drag-and-drop visualization management and development that can achieve integration of heterogeneous systems without coding. Aiming to lower the entry barriers of use for application integration developers and increase the efficiency of production delivery.
Integration of All Scenarios Out of the Box
This platform can integrate with 100+ components in 7 major categories and 13 segments, such as SAP, MQ, database, big data, network protocols, industrial protocols, documents, data encryption/decryption, SaaS, public cloud services, etc., help enterprises exceed data integration among all applications faster.
Full Connectivity Across Clouds and Networks
Supporting the deployment and integration of private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud scenarios. Achieve full connectivity for cloud and on-premise applications and information sharing across clouds and networks.
Open and Shared Resources
Through the API portal and API open platform, we assist enterprises in constructing a complete API ecosystem to achieve maximum resource utilization. Internally, it can reduce the redundancy of duplication work and improve cross-department and cross-business communication efficiency. Externally, it integrates and consolidates customer ecosystem partners, achieving business collaboration and industry interconnection.
Highly Scalable Structure
The industry-leading gateway and orchestration data engines can accommodate high-concurrency and low-latency traffic and support insertion plugins extension.
Secured API Management
Offer comprehensive protection for API and data assets that create complete peace of mind. Including API operation monitoring, abnormal behavior control, API authorization and authentication, IP address black and white lists, API rate limiting and restriction, sensitive data recognition and desensitization, and log auditing.
Product Feature
API Management
Through the full lifecycle management of APIs, including design, creation, testing, deployment, integration, management, operation and maintenance, enterprises can gain operational insights, further optimize processes, and enhance business value.
Integration Orchestration
Based on a graphical Web interface, the process of design, data integration, and consolidation can be completed by simple actions such as drag-and-drop, connection, and configuration. Efficiently build up a business operating system.
API Monitoring
Monitor all API indicators through the operation statistical reports, and achieve monitoring and management of both global and project level.
API Sharing
Through unified portal registration management, businesses are opened to the public in the form of APIs, and further achieve business innovation and capability output.
Application Scenarios
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Quick, secure and flexible implementation of IT strategies.
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