Business Pain Points
High Latency in Accessing Self-Built Business Systems
When overseas employees access ERP and other domestic business systems, delays and increased packet loss rates often occur due to the long distance between users and servers and the unstable quality of cross-border links, affecting the normal business operation.
Poor Experience in Cross-Border SaaS Application
When using overseas SaaS applications such as Salesforce and Offices365, enterprises cannot utilize CDNs for acceleration due to the lack of resolution control, which seriously affects the office experience of employees.
Low Efficiency in File Uploading and Downloading
Traditional data transmission technology often fail to ensure smooth and efficient data transmission in the face of complex network environments, public network packet loss and high latency, resulting in low transmission efficiency.
Slow Loading of Oversea Web Pages
When enterprises go global, foreign enterprises, domestic educational institutions and other organizations visit overseas sites, such as their overseas official websites, international education websites, emails, and image websites; the web pages load slowly or cannot be opened due to cross-border network egress congestion, international access lags and severe packet loss.
Advantages of the Solution
Global Coverage of Network Resources

Baishan has built more than 1,700 edge nodes across the globe so that you can achieve full network coverage with a single point of access. Combined with technologies such as intelligent routing and multi-protocol layer acceleration, it is able to provide reliable and high-performance global link acceleration services for users in different regions with different network environments around the world

Diversified Transmission Optimization Technologies

Baishan fundamentally improves the efficiency and quality of data transmission through technologies such as data compression, traffic optimization, intelligent routing. By optimizing network transmission paths, reducing bottlenecks in transmission protocols, and reducing packet loss and latency in data transmission, the solution can significantly improve the speed and reliability of data transmission and enhance the efficiency of business interactions.

Multi-Regional Cross-Border Dedicated Lines

Baishan Cloud has established numerous globally dispersed dedicated network resources , including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, theUnited States and Europe. Provide enterprises with high-speed cross-border application access experience.

Full Link Encryption for Data Security

The Baishan global link acceleration solution uses key technologies such as high-strength encrypted communication, characteristics obfuscation, covert transmission to effectively ensure a secure data transfer process and prevent attackers from stealing or tampering with data to protect the operation of enterprises.

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Accelerating Self-Built Business Systems
When users and business servers are located in different countries/regions, the access performance is low due to the other network conditions in different countries/regions and the various operator networks used by users. Since Baishan has built over 1700 edge nodes across six continents and has established cooperative interconnections with over 100 overseas telecommunications operators, it can effectively improve the network quality of cross-regional and cross-operator access, ensuring efficient office work and business development for users.
Accelerating Data Transmission
As enterprises have needs for on-cloud and off-cloud data transmission, inter-cloud data transmission, data transmission among local IDCs, user uploading data to IDCs, etc., Baishan has adopted its self-developed technologies, such as intelligent routing and multiple protocol layer optimization to effectively improve data transmission performance and ensure stability and availability through transmission process.
Accelerating the Email System
Enterprises with self-built email servers located overseas or hardware/software anti-spam gatewayat the front end can often face unstable email reception, frequent email loss or delay problems. With Baishan global link acceleration solution, enterprises only need to parse the email system into the CNAME records provided by Baishan to solve the problem of unstable overseas email reception, ensuring reliable and timely reception of emails.
Accelerating Access to Compliant Overseas Website
While enterprises need to access websites that meet national cross-border data communication and overseas networking requirements, such as international education websites, overseas literature websites, and overseas e-commerce platforms, which are subject to cross-border Internet link export congestion and different network quality conditions in various countries and regions, often resulting in slow loading or inaccessible website pages. . With several cross-border dedicated lines, edge nodes covering China and multiple overseas regions and various transmission optimization technologies, Baishan can meet enterprises' needs to access compliant websites across borders and ensure the availability and performance of accessing overseas websites.
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