Product Advantages
Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency
Baishan provides SaaS-based services, zero transformation deployment for flexible expansion, which reduces IT construction costs and complexity. Instead of directing network traffic back to the Origin, the traffic is transmitted through Baishan’s global edge network, ensuring a safe and fast Internet access experience
Effective Threat Defense
Leveraging the security capabilities of its global edge platform along with a global cyber threat intelligence database, Baishan deploys a variety of malware detection engines to effectively block malware, phishing, zero-day vulnerabilities, C2 server requests, and other threats
Efficient Operation and Maintenance
Baishan Canvas centrally controls the Internet traffic of each branch to achieve the unified setting of security policies on edge nodes and to enhance the efficiency of operation and maintenance
Visualized Management
Baishan Canvas records complete access and behavior logs and provides visualizations of network traffic in real-time. It also offers comprehensive reports on security incidents and behaviors to help organizations implement better compliance policies
Product Feature
Sophisticated Access Control
Baishan adopts a variety of identification technologies and a built-in category library for granular user access control, including URL filtering, bandwidth control, file transfer control, and DNS filtering. Priority access is given to essential applications within the organization to improve operational efficiency and prevent information leaks.
Threat Defense
The built-in threat defense engine performs security detection for access traffics, effectively blocks threatening domains and URLs such as malware, ransomware, and phishing. At the same time, it provides cloud sandbox function, replays suspicious code, identifies and analyzes malicious behavior of unknown files, and blocks 0day vulnerability threats.
Cloud DLP
Cloud DLP: Through HTTP and HTTPS traffic scanning, the upload of sensitive or confidential data is effectively identified and blocked.
Visualized Dashboards
All activities and security events across the organization are visualized in real-time through various dashboards.
Application Scenarios
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