Service Details
Multi-dimensional vulnerability mining
Security experts simulate hacker attacks to detect and verify the security vulnerabilities existing in the target.
Penetration report
Based on the penetration test result, the security experts will write a report covering the vulnerability description, hazard level, validation process, and suggested remedy actions.
Remediation guidance
In addition to lightweight security consulting services, security experts can interpret the penetration test report professionally to help customers fix the vulnerabilities efficiently, hence the guaranteed network security.
Application Scenarios
Compliance Requirements

Compliance with classified protection of cybersecurity and other requirements.

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Launch of A New Business

Validate the security of the system before launching a new business.

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Regular Security Evaluation

Regular penetration test of critical business for vulnerability detection.

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Guarantee of Cybersecurity in Important Events

Penetration test of the business is conducted before critical security time points to guarantee its security in important events.

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Service Advantages
Project-oriented services, two-group test
Baishan YUNDUN provides professional project management for penetration test services guaranteed by a project manager, two-group penetration test engineers, and vulnerability review experts—standardized management throughout the penetration test service process.
10+ years of attack and defense research, professional penetration team
BaiShan YUNDUN's professional security research team at YUNDUN Attack and Defense Laboratory has been carrying out security attack and defense research for more than ten years and has followed the most common vulnerabilities and 0DAY vulnerabilities in real-time based on the tens of thousands of penetration test cases accumulated through long-term attack-defense confrontation which have been effectively utilized in the penetration test service.
Customized cost-effective service
We can customize the penetration service models for businesses, including test methods, service packages, business-specific tests, etc., to meet customers' requirements in various penetration test scenarios.
Internet Exposure Detection Service
Internet exposure detection is provided from the customer's perspective through big data-based three-dimensional attack and defense techniques, combined with security service experts’ research and analysis of suspect points. It is possible to effectively detect the exposure of domains, IPs, ports, mobile applications, email boxes, platform codes, documents, cloud storage, community information, and other digital assets on the Internet and provide advice on reducing exposure surface
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Zero Trust Secure Access
Based on the concept of zero trust and Baishan Cloud's global edge network, an end-to-end multi-dimensional trust assessment system consisting of trusted networks, terminals, identities, and behaviors has been created to help enterprises build a new boundary of office network security and ensure that users around the world can quickly and securely access corporate internal and Internet resources anytime, anywhere
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Cloud WAF
Relying on Baishan Canvas, a global edge cloud network, the Baishan Cloud WAF solution is established to provide vulnerability intrusion protection for online services such as Web/API/APP, effectively defending and intercepting attacks such as OWASP, CVE, CNVD, 0day/1day, etc. to economically and efficiently enhance the security, reliability, and connectivity of customer business in government, medical, education, finance, government and enterprises, gaming, and other fields
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Professional Security
Baishan provides clients with unified professional consulting services on security and technical support, including integrated security services, vulnerability scanning services, anti-phishing monitoring and shutdown services, offensive and defensive drills services, emergency response services, security awareness training services, and other expert services
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Protect and accelerate access to your website and application systems
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