Product Advantages
Extensive Global Edge Network
Comprised of 1700+ global edge nodes, combined with intelligent routing and multi-layer acceleration, Baishan Cloud provides a quality network base and reliable, high-performance network connections for an enterprises’ employees and resources distributed worldwide
10+ Years of Cloud Defense Experience
Baishan’s edge cloud network has built-in anti-DDoS and WAF capabilities provides enhanced security protection capability so there is no need to worry about the security risk of the zero-trust gateway
Quick and Simple implementation
You can start the journey of zero trust in minutes without dealing with hardware deployment, network transformation, complex configuration, upgrades, and maintenance. It’s ready to use with flexible expansion.
Client-free Access
Supports client-free access, no browser settings, no certificate or plug-in installation, and easy access to internal web applications on all devices that can open in browsers.
Innovated and Open Ecosystem
As a neutral cloud service provider, Baishan Cloud provides an open system for integration and has already cooperated and integrated with multiple fields such as terminal security, data security, and identity security to create a full-link integrated zero-trust security system.
Product Feature
Concealing the Intranet Resources
Based on Baishan’s edge cloud network architecture, the intranet resources are hidden behind the globally distributed edge gateway. The outbound connection of the zero-trust connector is used to conceal the enterprise’s intranet ports, making it impossible for the outside world to find the target to attack while providing full coverage of the intranet resources.
Unified Identity Management
Provide effective unified identity management capabilities through single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and identity token management, quickly mitigating the risk of multiple internal application accounts in the enterprises, and providing a convenient password-free login experience.
Terminal Baseline Detection
Through terminal authorization binding, the attacks are prevented from invading the enterprise intranet through unauthorized terminals. Further, combined with the multi-dimensional detection capabilities of the terminal environment, the edge access control engine is linked in real-time to prevent unauthorized terminals from accessing the network.
Advanced Threat Defense
The edge has a built-in vulnerability threat defense capability, The terminal supports linkage security DNS to effectively protect against various new advanced threats such as malware, ransomware, APT attacks, phishing links, and illegal sites, and recognizes the attempted or successful integration of detection, interception, location, and evidence collection.
Fine-grained Authorization
Based on the principle of minimum granularity authorization, all accesses are blocked by default, and connections are only established for accesses that pass the trust assessment detection. Risk is dynamically linked to the response to eliminate lateral movement.
Security Visualization
Provides multi-view visualized data report analysis and comprehensively records six months of full traffic access and security log retention, to meet compliance and refined management requirements.
Application Scenarios
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