Product Advantages
High Cloud Compatibility
Baishan’s physical infrastructures share all the cloud attributes with virtualized cloud servers and can be integrated compatibly with other cloud products.
Exclusive Edge Computing Performance
Combining the performance of physical machines and the scalability of virtual machines, Baishan Canvas provides clients with exclusive, stable computing power and nested virtualization capabilities to ensure a high-quality performance experience.
Ultra-capacity Hard Drive Storage Space
Baishan bare metal cloud works well with distributed storage. Clients can choose suitable storage medium and capacity based on their business needs, breaking local disk limitations of physical servers.
Elastic Cost
Baishan’s computing network is fast and scalable. it can help clients achieve cost reduction on infrastructure build-out and adjust their spending based on actual usage.
Physical Security Isolation
Baishan Canvas supports Cloud + real physical servers to achieve complete isolation between different tenants. This responds to the needs for enterprise-level exclusive CPU, memory, network cards, and other resources.
Automated Operations and Maintenance
Baishan provides worldwide 24/7 full-service operation support, helping enterprises manage resources remotely and efficiently.
Product Feature
High-Performance Computing Power
Baishan Canvas provides high-performance, secure, reliable, stable and exclusive physical computing resources.
Full-lifecycle Management
Baishan supports full lifecycle operation management from resource creation to recycling.
Virtual Private Cloud Compatibility
Baishan Canvas supports virtual private cloud networking with both physical and virtual machine instances. This helps to achieve integration between bare metal and virtual machines
Flexible Billing Method
Baishan Canvas supports billing by year, month, by usage, or even by hours. Payment methods are also flexible. Prepaid or postpaid are both accepted.
Visualization Analysis
Baishan Canvas supports real-time visualization of operational status, network quality, operation loggings, and other information to help enterprises analyze business running status more efficiently.
Unified Control
Baishan Canvas ensures remote unified control of physical machines by being fully compatible with console side VNC remote login operating system.
Application Scenarios
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