Product Advantages
Precise API Profiling
Through global traffic aggregation and analysis, comprehensively organize API assets to form an accurate behavioral profile of APIs.
Intelligent Threat Identification
Identify and block malicious API threats, establish data hierarchy and classification management based on APIs, effectively protecting enterprises' digital assets.
API Security Operations
Strong traceability capabilities for effective control of API intrusion threats and sensitive data leakage.
Product Feature
API Asset Management
Comprehensively inventory and organize API assets, identify API interface request features and establish behavioral profiles.
Data Management
Support hierarchical and classified management of API data.
Threat Detection
Detect vulnerabilities in APIs, unauthorized API usage, and data exposure risks.
Security Operations
Support detailed API request retrieval for threat tracing and data source tracing.
Application Scenarios
Customize Your Solution
Quick, secure and flexible implementation of IT strategies.
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Free Trial
Protect and accelerate access to your website and application systems
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