Service Details
Multi-dimensional Internet exposure detection
This service aims to reveal the real status of customers’ Internet exposure, focusing on Internet asset management and research. Built on globally distributed monitoring sources, it detects enterprise IT assets, domains, mobile applications, email boxes, and information leakage to create a multi-dimensional Internet exposure report
Sensitive data leakage detection
Monitoring of code and document leakages on multiple platforms, including Git, cloud storage, community, and other information leakages , and label the leaked data by type and risk
Real-time alerts
24/7 monitoring of hundreds of thousands of leakage sources, immediate alarming in the presence of leakages for the optimal emergency response time
Security expert services
The security exposures, such as suspicious leaked codes, documents, websites, etc., are reviewed and verified with suggestions on reducing Internet exposure to assist customers in Internet exposure management.
Application Scenarios
  • Government and Enterprise Customers

    Comprehensive collection, profiling, and monitoring of network assets, timely detection of network security threats, reduction of Internet exposure surfaces, effective reduction of exploitable attack paths, prevention of sensitive information leakage and loss of important assets, guarantee of secure and stable operation of administrative information system, and maintenance of social public interests
  • Internet Platforms

    As the main places for online transactions, online education, e-commerce, and consulting services, their exposure surface includes various assets, including websites, servers, and mobile applications. By monitoring and managing these exposure surface assets, the potential security threats can be timely detected and remedied to secure platform customers' normal operation and user data
  • Regulatory Authorities

    It is possible to assist regulatory authorities in carrying out asset checks in their jurisdictions to realize cyberspace security monitoring and governance with the mechanism combining multi-dimensional Internet exposure surface detection and expert research and judgment, guaranteeing the network security and stability of the regulatory authorities.
Service Advantages
More comprehensive detection aspect
Exposure detection at the system application level can effectively detect associated, suspicious, and shadow assets. In addition, more comprehensive types of digital assets can be detected and monitored, including code, documents, and personal information
More professional guidance from security experts
Dedicated security experts are arranged to guide Internet security exposure reduction and emergency response for sensitive information leakage incidents, empowering enterprises and organizations to improve their security operation capabilities
Zero Trust Secure Access
Based on the concept of zero trust and Baishan Cloud's global edge network, an end-to-end multi-dimensional trust assessment system consisting of trusted networks, terminals, identities, and behaviors has been created to help enterprises build a new boundary of office network security and ensure that users around the world can quickly and securely access corporate internal and Internet resources anytime, anywhere
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Cloud WAF
Relying on Baishan Canvas, a global edge cloud network, the Baishan Cloud WAF solution is established to provide vulnerability intrusion protection for online services such as Web/API/APP, effectively defending and intercepting attacks such as OWASP, CVE, CNVD, 0day/1day, etc. to economically and efficiently enhance the security, reliability, and connectivity of customer business in government, medical, education, finance, government and enterprises, gaming, and other fields
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Penetration Test Service
Penetration test service is a service that simulates actual attacks, evaluates the security of target systems and applications, and provides security advice and remediation solutions
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Baishan SDK is designed to provide cost-effective, zero-trust solutions for Application-based services, and protect against DDoS/CC and other attacks that affect customers’ business.
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Protect and accelerate access to your website and application systems
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