Business Pain Points
The Dilemma of Performance vs. Cost in Enterprise Global Networking
Through the global expansion of business, traditional networking methods such as Internet access, dedicated lines, VPNs, etc., often place enterprises in the difficult position of determining how to provide a high performant secure network while adhering to cost-efficient decisions.
Ever-Emerging Threats from Border Security Systems
With the enterprises' ever-increasing reliance and demand for expanded cloud services, along with the normalization of remote and mobile working. The traditional network architecture, designed and built on internal and external network boundaries, faces enormous challenges. The continual development of ever-emerging security threats has brought severe economic losses and reputational damage to enterprises.
Increased Pressure on Cybersecurity Operations and Maintenance
The rapid expansion of an enterprise often results in a lack of security capability consistency between branches and divisions. This can often be attributed to a diversified set of personnel, equipment, and systems that are connected or accessing the network. If you add the lack of unified control and loosely configured permission management systems. You further increase the security risk of enterprises, which can easily lead to the collapse of the overall security defense of the enterprise.
Slow Ticket-Based After-Sales Service Response
Long response times, incomplete or misunderstood information, and a lack of real-time communication brought about by the use of "ticket-based" after-sales service can often result in a poor service experience as well as inefficient and time-consuming troubleshooting.
Advantages of the Solution
Building a Highly Secure Cost-Effective Office Network for the Enterprise

With its SD-WAN backbone's globally distributed network, connected through their 1700+ edge nodes distributed in more than 300 cities worldwide, Baishan has established deeply cooperative interconnections and relationships with 100+ overseas ISP operators. This backbone has significantly outperformed the open Internet, dedicated lines, VPNs, and other traditional networking connectivity methods in terms of networking efficiency, transmission quality, secure transmission of data, flexibility, and cost.

Multidimensional Trust Evaluation with an Edge Security Protection System

Through its use of identity authentication, terminal detection, UEBA and threat intelligence capabilities; this solution builds an end to end three-dimensional trust evaluation system. This end-to-end solution provides edge security protection for Internet resources that must be publicly open, ensuring that the identity, terminal, resources and end-user behavior can all be trusted during the process

Unified Control of Permissions, Centralized Visual Management

Baishan provides a web-based management console to manage all relevant network equipment (physical and virtual nodes), software clients, it monitors equipment and link statuses through real-time status reports and alarms while providing quick troubleshooting, significantly reducing the workload on IT operations and maintenance helping to improve the efficiency of daily operations

7/24 Steward Type Services to Safeguard the Business

Baishan is committed to building a dedicated support team for every customer who trusts Baishan to provide emergency response escalation support, along with on-site expert protection for cybersecurity during critical periods, and 24/7 business security

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Building an Enterprise Integrated Secure Office Network
Implemented on the foundation of secure, intelligent networking, Zero Trust Security Acceleration can connect several enterprise branches to one safe internal network to ensure fast, stable, and secure telecommunication. The enterprise can then achieve central management of all independent branches internal data and secure access through the zero trust access control mechanism and edge security protection system
Reducing Enterprise Exposure with Unified Management and Control of the Internet Access Entry to the Business
Baishan Zero Trust Security Access hides and protects the enterprise's intranet resources behind Baishan's globally distributed edge gateway. The enterprise's intranet data and the website access of all branches are then routed across the newly established secure intranet. This aggregation of networking access improves data security and manageability while reducing potential exposure to attacks
Internet Access Convergence and Intensive Security Construction
Developed using the Baishan Canvas platform and integrated with a zero trust security access system, this solution helps enterprises achieve a consistent and securely managed path of Internet access for the headquarters and its branches. Thus providing multi-dimensional protection and comprehensive security for all enterprise assets and ensuring security policy compliance across the enterprise
Global Acceleration for Application Access with End-to-End Data Encryption
The Zero Trust Access Acceleration solution has integrated with Baishan's edge network of whole site acceleration to provide accelerated access to global public network resources for enterprise employees. With access to the Baishan platform, the solution ensures the fastest and closest path to application access, achieving one-stop access acceleration for all protocol-based applications on the internal and external networks. Additionally, the use of Baishan's encrypted transmission protocol ensures encryption of the transmission link to provide outstanding data security
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