Product Advantages
More accurate protection
The joint protection of rules engine, AI engine, semantic engine, and the integrated global threat intelligence database such as massive botnet, scanner feature library, and crawler library collected by Baishan Canvas global network accurately identify and process illegal requests to protect business security.
More stable service
Based on cloud-native technology and global heterogeneous resource scheduling technique, it realizes distributed multi-active disaster tolerance, tenant-level, and process-level micro-isolation and instantly switches to healthy secure edge node tenant processes when nodes and processes fail, achieving no perception of user access.
Faster response
By applying edge Cloud WAF capabilities to Baishan globally distributed edge nodes, the first-mile and last-mile access links are significantly shortened to provide quick and secure service to users.
More reliable online business
Based on intelligent origin backup of remote disaster tolerance, priority response, content analysis, and other techniques, automatically backup of the latest content of the origin, realizing remote disaster backup without origin modification, keeping the business online even when origin fails.
Flexible capacity expansion and reduction, more economical
The service node distribution can be flexibly adjusted according to the business demand to provide a service guarantee for on-demand business capacity expansion and reduction.
More flexible and adaptable to various cloud scenarios
Micro-service architecture can adapt flexibly to various cloud scenarios such as public, hybrid, and private clouds.
Product Feature
Vulnerability intrusion protection
Comprehensive coverage of OWASP top 10 Web application vulnerability attacks, effectively defense against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, remote command injection, Webshell upload, vulnerability scanning, and other common Web attacks, and real-time updating 0day vulnerability and rule database.
Advanced escape detection
Our product effectively avoids all forms of WAF bypass by identifying wildcard deformation, multiple encoding, and other advanced attack escape methods.
Honeypot trapping
Micro-isolation honeypots can effectively trap hacker attacks and actively identify and intervene in attack methods to avoid damage to real business.
Intelligent origin backup
Intelligent origin backup automatically synchronizes the content of the origin so that the service can still be maintained to the public in case of origin failure or tampering.
IPv6 compliance rebuilding
Self-adaptive IPv6 dual stack helps customers achieve fast compliance.
Sensitive data leakage prevention
Sensitive data is masked to prevent data leakage.
Application Scenarios
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