Service Details
Pre-assessment preparation
The pre-assessment risk evaluation can effectively detect risks. The preparatory work before Cybersecurity in Important Period includes goal sorting, multi-dimensional risk evaluation of assets and beforehand emergency attack and defense drills.
In event defense detection
During the period of important events, on-call teams are arranged to ensure the emergency will be responded in time, inspect the monitoring and detection mechanism in all dimensions, combine with protection products and equipment to carry out effective active defense, and conduct research and judgment of threats and timely disposal, so that attacks can be prevented by detection and defense in the middle of the incident.
Afterward summary and reinforcement
After the events, security experts and support team involved in Cybersecurity will work together to summarize the vulnerabilities exposed during Cybersecurity in important period and propose solutions.
Application Scenarios
  • Important Conferences

    Scenarios such as national conferences, industry conferences, etc.
  • Holidays

    Scenarios of security on various holidays
  • Attack and Defense Drill

    National, provincial, local and industry attack vs defense drills.
  • Sensitive Periods to Attacks

    Scenarios in which customers are being attacked or are likely to be attacked based on data analysis.
Service Advantages
Professional Security Team
Security delivery team, security monitoring team, security expert team, emergency response team, real-time optimization and protection strategy, 24/7 fast response to unexpected security incidents.
Extensive Service Experience
Successful completion of security work with zero accidents in many important conferences or major events (such as Two Sessions, National Day, etc.), in-depth research and rich practice experience in emergency response, Red Teaming, enterprise security construction, etc.
Perfect Security System
Prepare beforehand, respond during the event and summarize afterward, with human-machine interaction to ensure security work at multiple levels.
Internet Exposure Detection Service
Internet exposure detection is provided from the customer's perspective through big data-based three-dimensional attack and defense techniques, combined with security service experts’ research and analysis of suspect points. It is possible to effectively detect the exposure of domains, IPs, ports, mobile applications, email boxes, platform codes, documents, cloud storage, community information, and other digital assets on the Internet and provide advice on reducing exposure surface
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Penetration Test Service
Penetration test service is a service that simulates actual attacks, evaluates the security of target systems and applications, and provides security advice and remediation solutions
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Security Inspection and Reinforcement Service
Security inspection for customer business services includes baseline inspection, log audit, attack surface management, and vulnerability detection. Security reinforcement is implemented for customers through the security inspection service.
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Professional Security
Baishan provides clients with unified professional consulting services on security and technical support, including integrated security services, vulnerability scanning services, anti-phishing monitoring and shutdown services, offensive and defensive drills services, emergency response services, security awareness training services, and other expert services
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