Product Advantages
Low Maintenance Operation
Internet assets are managed by categories to allow one-click security enabling, providing easy operation.
Visualization Report
Cloud platform service reports are generated with one click at any time or can be set to gather for a certain time, to help customers run their operation more precisely. Vulnerability reports are automatically generated to identify risks from multiple perspectives.
Product Feature
Content security
Providing multi-dimensional content security services including monitoring for content tampering, sensitive words, malicious links, and response codes.
Availability monitoring:
Monitoring the availability of corporate assets, supporting downtime alerts, and tracking failure status in real-time.
DNS hijacking monitoring
monitoring DNS hijacking of domain name assets, supporting hijacking alerts, and exporting multi-dimensional event analysis reports.
Web vulnerability scanning
Providing a variety of scanning modes, supporting full domain name scanning and specified IP scanning, and exporting detailed vulnerability analysis reports.
Audit and management
Supporting the unified download, management, and auditing of the cloud platform service logs, and generating service reports on demand.
Application Scenarios
Customer Case
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