Product Advantages
Anti-DDoS defense
Hidden local resources isolate risks with intelligent scheduling. High-defense resources thoroughly protect customers from any DDoS attacks.
Blazing fast user experience
It is based on SDK in-second dispatch, combined with 1700+ global, multi-cloud BGP nodes, dramatically improves the user experience.
Operations visualization
The visualized panoramic application accesses data helps fine-tune customers’ business operations.
Baishan offers a cost-effective billing method that is not based on the amount of attack traffic. Enjoy full defense while significantly reduce defense cost.
Product Feature
Protection against DDoS attacks
Combining risk control, network status, and data from various aspects, dynamic scheduling isolates risks, thus effectively defend against high volume DDoS attacks.
Challenge collapsar (CC) attack defense
Baishan’s encryption algorithm verifies the legitimacy of user requests and discards illegal requests that fail verification, effectively defending against challenge collapsar attacks, and avoid blocking real user’s requests by mistake.
Link encryption
Dynamic encryption algorithms ensure data transmission security, unique encryption chain assigned to each device, and linkag
Intelligent scheduling
Supporting SDK-based granular device scheduling and on-demand customized node scheduling strategies.
Data visualization
Providing a panoramic display of protection data and service access data to assist in refined operations and facilitate business expansion.
Application Scenarios
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