Business Pain Points
Poor user experience for overseas customers during traffic burst
When the product promotion leads to a traffic burst, the user's smooth shopping experience is difficult to ensure due to the overseas network conditions
Long Construction Cycles for Overseas Network, High Maintenance Cost and Difficulties in Risk Management
Lack of professional IT staff, self-built network will face high construction time costs and maintenance costs, while also making it difficult to avoid various risks
Security Threats to Overseas Services
E-commerce promotions are highly susceptible to overseas CC attacks, DDoS attacks and other security threats, resulting in serious economic losses
Advantages of the Solution
A Robust Global Cloud Security Acceleration Platform with High Network Capacity

Baishan’s high-quality cloud security acceleration platform supported by its global edge cloud service nodes with high bandwidth resources fully supports cross-border e-commerce business development.

A Global, Cross-border Optimized E-commerce Acceleration Platform, Easy to Manage, Without Having to Build Your Own

Baishan canvas provides improved and optimized access speed through enhanced learning algorithms, intelligent routing, multi-channel concurrent transmission, protocol optimization, and intelligent back-to-origin technologies to reduce construction cycle and maintenance costs and improve end user access speed, so customers only need to focus on their business operations, and improve operational and management capabilities.

Strong Protection Against Cyberattack and Frauds with Comprehensive Security Service Technology

Integrateion of edge cloud platform web application firewalls, DDoS protection and other security capabilities, and the use of big data security analysis technology, , a comprehensive perception of unknown security threats, overturning traditional single-point, passive, and siloed protection, achieving comprehensive multi-dimensional security protection.

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Enhancing Customer Transaction Experience for Cross-border E-commerce Platform
Extremely high user stickiness is key to the stable development of cross-border e-commerce, while the complex overseas network environment brings challenges to smooth user access to e-commerce services. Baishan's edge cloud platform provides whole-site acceleration services, effectively ensuring that any user can quickly access e-commerce services in various network environments and on various devices, ensuring a high-quality user experience
Security Threats to Cross-border E-commerce Businesses
Cross-border e-commerce operations often face various security threats such as DDoS attacks and CC attacks, causing serious economic losses for businesses. Baishan's edge cloud platform integrates CDN, web application firewalls, and DDoS protection capabilities to help enterprises quickly build a comprehensive security system, ensuring the safety of the operations
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