Product Advantages
Intelligent Acceleration
Adopt dynamic and static hybrid intelligent separation technology, automatically identify static resources, combined with efficient caching and intelligent compression to achieve rapid distribution of static resources, coupled with global intelligent routing by selecting the optimal route through routing decisions to ensure a rapid response to dynamic requests. Access Security
Access Security
With neutral and reliable security protection capabilities, and edge security capabilities such as anti-DDoS, full-link SSL, and SM, it provides rich access control policies and anti-hijacking and anti-tampering solutions to protect the security needs of enterprises. Stable and Highly Available
Stable and Highly Available
Provide end-to-end service assurance solutions such as load balancing, traffic control, second-level origin switching, and offline mode to ensure high availability and stability of the service.
Dedicated Butler Service Around the Clock
Baishan offers 7*24 hours technical support, supporting a comprehensive operation guarantee system, and butler-style 1 on 1 service, avoiding work order type mechanical service, making business management efficient and effective.
Product Feature
A stable, low-latency global acceleration network
The Baishan edge network has 1700+ nodes worldwide, with a bandwidth redundancy of 80Tbps+, supports high concurrency, and provides stable acceleration services. Adopting dynamic and static separation; the optimal path for back-to-origin is selected through intelligent routing technology, which is suitable for dynamic and static hybrid model and purely dynamic site content distribution acceleration services; Coupled with the protocol optimization, network optimization and other technologies, combined with requests merging, data compression, page redundancy optimization, and other solutions to improve transmission efficiency in all aspects Robust Security Features.
Robust Security Features
Construct a full-link HTTPS encrypted secure transmission from the user to the node to the origin, effectively preventing the risks of eavesdropping, tampering, impersonation, and hijacking in HTTP plaintext transmission; support the SM algorithm encryption mechanism, and provide more secure SM HTTPS functions; support md5 algorithm to ensure the integrity of file data; supports multiple certificate formats, two-way authentication, HTTP/2, and provides a variety of flexible access control strategies to meet the service needs of anti-hotlinking, anti-hijacking, and anti-tampering
Origin Protection
Hiding the origin site, showing Baishan edge node’s IP externally to prevent the attack traffic from directly reaching the origin site to enhance the security of the site. Offload the pressure on the origin site and use multi-origin load balancing methods such as active backup, round robin, and weighting, as well as strategies such as file preheating, traffic control, and offline mode, to significantly reduce back-to-origin traffic, while ensuring service availability and stability and reducing origin traffic to lower the costs.
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