Product Advantages
Large: massive traffic cleaning resource pool
Multiple distributed traffic cleaning centers, integrated with 4.5Tbps+ single node DDoS protection capabilities and 80Tbps+ global bandwidth reservation, can defend against traffic attacks at various scales.
Comprehensive: full protocol traffic cleaning
It fully supports HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, and other protocols to effectively defend against ICMP Flood, SYN Flood, SYN-ACK Flood, ACK Flood, FIN-RST Flood, TCP fragmentation attack, TCP port exhaustion attack, UDP Flood, UDP fragmentation attack and other types of attacks to protect business continuity.
Fine: refined tenant isolation and zero-trust connectivity
Based on the zero-trust concept and eBPF/XDP technology, multi-tenant isolation is realized at the kernel layer to establish separate network security space and “one password for a single device” security tunnel connection between massive users and distributed edge security nodes, automatically learn and identify device fingerprint characteristics and visitor reputation, and effectively defend against various variants of DDoS attacks to protect tenant business continuity from threats of other tenants.
Accurate: behavior analysis for accurate CC defense
Using big data analysis, behavior modeling, and isolated forest algorithm technology to effectively identify normal user access behavior from resource-depletion attacks in business and block the attacks in real-time to guarantee high availability of business.
Fast: low latency and fast response
Edge-based traffic cleaning can realize proximity access, millisecond-level cleaning, and isolation and quickly respond to normal user requests to avoid business access latency.
Saving: cost-effective full protection
The attack traffic is cleaned thoroughly to ensure business continuity and free customers from worries.
Product Feature
Hiding the origin
Unlike conventional single node cleaning, the provision of public services through the distributed secure edge nodes can hide the origin and avoid its exposure, significantly increasing the cost of attacks.
Intelligent protection
Combining an AI engine and global threat intelligence library, using user behavior analysis, feature learning, protection confrontation, and other techniques to achieve intelligent protection.
Accurate access control
Provide UA, Cookie, URL, IP, body, and other multi-dimensional accurate access control and proper protection; support botnet threat intelligence to intercept botnet IP directly.
Attack traceability
When an attack event occurs, the log based on the attack traffic is supported as an essential basis and evidence for attack traceability.
“One password only for a single device” confrontation
“One password only for a single device” tunnel connection between massive users and distributed secure edge nodes can be established to automatically identify the legality of the connection and effectively defend against variant attacks.
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