Product Advantages
Intelligent Acceleration
The high-performance network covers 300+ cities across six continents with dedicated lines overseas. It dynamically expands resources, enabling global scheduling and intelligent routing to support worldwide access and high-speed cross-regional transmission.
Stability & Reliability
A complete monitoring system monitors the status of nodes and the network and automatically schedules user requests to guarantee ensures stable and reliable services.
Security Protection
With 80 Tbps global redundancy bandwidth and self-developed protection functions, it provides complete DDoS defense to ensure business security and stability.
Swift Deployment
Unified operation and maintenance management of global resources, the domain name can be used immediately after the resolution is complete, no special changes are required, and deployment is agile.
Product Feature
Quality Optimization Across Global Network
Intelligent scheduling of user requests and automatic access to Baishan’s edge nodes at the closest location. Global proximity access, user requests through the CNAME address to access the nearest Baishan Global Edge Cloud, providing network acceleration; global intelligent routing, intelligent scheduling of user access requests to the best network quality nodes to achieve network acceleration. Protocol optimization substantially improves network transmission stability and quality, optimizing network acceleration.
Robust Security Feature
Protect public network services from attacks and strengthen secure access to the origin. Combined with DDoS protection, it can effectively defend against three to seven layers of DDoS attacks such as SYN Flood, UDP Flood, ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, DNS Query Flood, NTP reply Flood, and CC attacks; supports custom matching conditions, and customizes proprietary protection strategies for different business scenarios, accurately and flexibly control user access; hide the origin IP, only show Baishan edge nodes IP, prevent the attack traffic from directly reaching the origin site to enhance the security of the site.
Highly Reliable Service
Smooth business migration ensures service continuity and high reliability. Relying on global edge node resources through load balancing and dynamic routing, realizing load sharing and backup disaster recovery between services in different regions, the availability and performance of the node network are monitored through the detection mechanism.
Application Scenarios
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