Business Pain Points
Poor Network Access
The long geographical distance from end user to the origin, heavy traffic pressure on the origin, and high concurrency of service jointly cause high latency and network congestion, affecting access speed and resulting in poor access experience for end users.
Difficulty in Separating Dynamic and Static Content
Traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) find it difficult to accelerate a certain type of resource because dynamic and static content are mixed within the same domain.
A large number of Security Threats and Risks
The development of the network environment and the blurring of network boundaries have brought various security threats and hidden dangers.
High Infrastructure Cost
As the business develops rapidly, expansion of the origin is bound to generate high rebuilding infrastructure costs, affecting the launch and release of a new business.
Advantages of the Solution
Network Nodes Across the Globe

The 1700+ Baishan edge nodes distributed in over 300 cities across six continents are centrally managed through Baishan Canvas. These effectively solve problems such as network congestion and access latency and improve website service performance, thus increasing retention and conversion rates of global end users.

Separating Static and Dynamic Content for Mixed Acceleration

The Baishan Canvas platform supports automatic recognition of a mix of dynamic and static content and separate intelligently while acceleration. For static content, the combination of efficient cache policies and intelligent compression enables quick global distribution. As for dynamic content, the flexible combination of intelligent routing, dynamic acceleration, and IP application acceleration and other capabilities selects the optimal path to ensure fast response to dynamic requests and improve user experience.

Content Security Protection

For different application scenarios, the Baishan Canvas platform provides various security protection features, such as the Chinese national cryptographic algorithm, SSL/TLS certificates, many types of authentication, black and white lists, tamper resistance, anti-hijacking, anti-screen capture, to protect content and business from hotlinking and attacks.

Optimized Bandwidth and Cost

The Baishan Canvas platform can cope with sudden fluctuations in business with a network-wide flexible bandwidth reservation of 80T+. Through a variety of cache optimization technologies, the multi-level back-to-origin caching architecture, origin load balancing, and other strategies, it effectively reduces the sudden increase in back-to-origin bandwidth caused in high concurrency scenarios, such as e-commerce promotions and game version updates, thereby reducing the pressure on the origin and optimizing its maintenance costs.

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Whole Site Acceleration for Web Application
Facing poor access experience, frequent security incidents, and other problems caused by multi-device and cross-network environments in business scenarios, such as web portals, e-commerce, and user-generated content (UGC) communities, the solution is integrated with technologies including intelligent routing, intelligent caching, security protection, load balancing, and protocol optimization to minimize transmission latency in a dynamic interactive information and accelerate the distribution of static content. It reduces back-to-origin traffic and effectively responds to service emergencies through traffic control, switching origin instantly, and the off-line mode; and provides API caching and intelligent caching strategies to respond to traffic surges and improve user access experience effectively.
Downloading Large Files (such as installation packages)
As for downloading large files, such as updating packages, APKs, audio, and video files, combined with the Baishan Cloud storage and the comprehensive service ability of the Baishan Canvas platform, the solution effectively reduces the back-to-origin cost and provides end users with the ultimate experience of secure and fast downloading.
Accelerating Video On-Demand and Live Streaming
The Baishan Canvas platform provides a one-stop solution for video on-demand and live streaming to help enterprises increase user retention and conversion rates. Combining VOD optimization, weak network optimization, instant caching and other Baishan's developed technologies, the solution provides an excellent audio-visual experience with ultra-low latency, ultra-low lag rate, and ultra-high image quality. It offers comprehensive detection and protection to safeguard the streaming services of enterprises based on features such as real-time recording, efficient transcoding, multi-dimensional anti-hotlinking and authentication, and instant banning broadcasting.
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