Product Advantages
Baishan Canvas network
Using the 1700+ global edge nodes throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, it can realize “single-point access with global coverage.” Combining the single-point access with intelligent routing and multi-protocol layer acceleration, it can create a solid foundation to provide reliable and high-performance network connectivity for users worldwide
Multiple deployment methods to save your time
Multiple deployment methods are available, including domain access, device access, and software client access. Customers can select the appropriate deployment scheme that aligns with their requirements. It enables fast deployment of acceleration services in minutes without a complicated configuration processes.
Wide range of uses
It can accelerate industry-specific production and office systems, data transmission, and various applications. It can provide enterprises with highly reliable, low-latency real-time data acceleration services for internal and public systems.
Secure protection to guarantee business security
Access control policies, strongly encrypted communication, and "hidden origin" are supported to effectively guarantee data transmission security and stable server operation, thus reducing customers’ losses related to their data information security.
Guaranteed availability, application access always online
As a vendor-neutral cloud provider, Baishan Cloud has embraced best-of-class technological cooperation through integration in multiple fields, such as terminal security, data security, and identity security, creating an integrated full-link zero-trust security system.
Product Feature
Proximity access
Accessing the access point's IP address or CNAME address using the proximity access method connects the user’s traffic to the closest Baishan Cloud network, which provides network acceleration services.
Transmission protocol optimization
The self-developed TUENNA transmission optimization technology can learn each connection and network's characteristics in real-time, quickly predict link congestion, determine packet loss, and provide timely restoration to connections. The TUENNA technology will also enable the link to achieve the best transmission performance while maximizing link bandwidth usage and improving transmission speed and stability.
HiWAN intelligent routing
HiWAN (Hybrid Interlink Wide Area Network) is a unique heterogeneous acceleration network self-developed by Baishan Cloud based on multiple network resources such as underlay and overlay. It is ready to use and can enable various tenant capabilities on layer three, layer four, and other access protocols. Using a proprietary intelligent routing algorithm, it can meet the acceleration requirements of different business scenarios by leveraging real-time quality data.
Global load balancing
Multi-node load balancing across regions directs user requests to the optimal edge node according to various strategies such as distance and minimum node load. In the case of a node failure, Multi-node load balancing will automatically switch the connection to the optimal “in-service” node to ensure the high availability of customer systems.
Access control policies:
Using policies such as allow and disallow lists, malicious user access behavior is blocked to ensure that only authorized customers can access applications, thus providing system access security.
Guaranteed transmission security:
By implementing strongly encrypted communications, characteristic obfuscation, hidden transmission, and other vital techniques, it is possible to ensure a secure data transfer process and prevent attackers from stealing or tampering with company data.
Origin protection:
Hiding the origin IP address allows the malicious attack traffic to be directed to the Baishan Cloud edge node server for defense purposes. Meanwhile, data transmission security and server stability are guaranteed through real-time network monitoring providing information security and reducing potential risks and loss.
Application Scenarios
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