Product Advantages
Feature rich and easy to expand
Supports comprehensive access control, back-to-origin control, cache management, and other functions based on loosely coupled and componentized technical architecture, which can quickly meet customized needs.
Global Massive Redundancy Resources
Resource reserves are available in 300+ cities with 1700+ distributed nodes across six continents, accurately routing user requests to the nearest high-quality edge nodes and optimizing the global user access experience.
Real-time Intelligent Scheduling
Real-time detection of node network quality, combined with self-evolving precise IP database and global intelligent scheduling technology, dynamically adjusts scheduling strategy to ensure network access quality.
Service Stability
Based on the massive reserved bandwidth capacity, the Edge Download Delivery Network can easily cope with traffic bursts dozens of times higher than the business constant, and combined with technologies such as transmission protocol optimization, cache prefetch, multi-level cache, and offline mode, the support exclusive 1 on 1 service ensures full-network service stability.
Product Feature
Global Edge Delivery
Global edge collaboration provides more cost-effective content distribution capabilities. The globally integrated network supports precise global scheduling, high-efficiency caching, intelligent selection of caching nodes, improving the hit rate of edge access, and reducing back-to-origin traffic.
Comprehensive Acceleration Features
Supports optimization of cache files, user access and request back-to-origin management, and transmission performance. Self-developed TCP optimization protocol to optimize link transmission; for expired content, the whole network cache can be refreshed in seconds. Supports access control and back-to-origin management Real-time Business Awareness
Real-time Business Awareness
Comprehensively monitor business conditions such as bandwidth and status codes and quickly perceive business changes; provide offline log analysis, real-time log analysis, and other capabilities, which can analyze and quickly locate CDN services and business problems; provide bandwidth, number of requests, traffic, status codes, topURL, topIP, topUA, topReferer and other vital data reports to understand business trends in real-time.
Application Scenarios
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