Customer Support
Basic Services
We have developed our own five-major-service system, comprising a 400, ticketing system, WeChat/QQ groups, support center, and online consultation to ensure that we provide timely and professional communication and solutions to problems. All our efforts are made to make customer service secure and faster.
Expert Value-Added Services
Frontline business experts meet various service requirements for the customers, providing scheme consultations, operation management, customer reports, monitoring and early warning, cloud support, and customized requirement development among other value-added services. The Baishan Cloud professional pre-sales and post-sales team are dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive technical and consulting services, assisting customers’ IT construction planning and implementation.
KA Customer Special Support
Senior industry experts provide pre-sales program consultation, with exclusive project managers assisting your requirement organizing and program design. The technical support team aids the smooth implementation of projects around the clock, and customer service experts take the initiative to communicate and make follow-up visits. Baishan Cloud, your trustworthy personal assistant.
Sales Consultation
400-178-8338 ext 1
Technical Support Consultation
400-178-8338 ext 2
Email Consultation
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