Product Advantages
Large model dynamic protection
The intelligent analysis engine is based on detecting behaviors, features, and anomalies to effectively identify real people's behaviors, legitimate Bots, and malicious Bots.
Custom traffic model
It supports the customization of anti-crawl models according to the customer's business form, accurately learns business characteristics based on unsupervised learning algorithms, and makes accurate judgments and processing of normal access and attack behaviors.
Crawler traffic visualization
Detailed crawler traffic analysis reports are displayed by dimension for known and unknown crawlers.
Flexible bot management
Various crawler traffic control methods, such as redirection, release, and blocking, are supported.
Product Feature
Accurate bot traffic identification
Big data analysis techniques, integrated with threat intelligence and hundreds of built-in known Bot intelligence, can identify humans from Bot behaviors classified into 13 categories.
The overall display of bot traffic
Overall, Bot traffic analysis keeps track of the status of Bot and human traffic.
Refined bot traffic management
Bot traffic is classified and graded to isolate and ban high-risk Bots, to perform honeynet trapping and block medium-risk Bot, and to provide two-factor authentication for low-risk and suspected bot attacks, realizing refined Bot management.
Application Scenarios
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