Innovative Technology, Energy Conservation, and Emissions Reduction
With the goal of "energy conservation and emissions reduction," Baishan Cloud, through technological innovation, consistently reduces energy consumption and its environmental impact.
As of now, it has obtained more than 40 patents related to energy conservation and emissions reduction technologies, which are already in use.
Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology Utilizing cloud computing platforms and virtualization technology enables the sharing and rational allocation of server resources, thereby increasing server efficiency and reducing the number of hardware devices and energy consumption.
Data Storage Efficiency Optimization By employing efficient storage technology, virtualization, and other techniques, the energy utilization of nodes and data centers is optimized, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in data centers.
Reducing Data Transmission Energy Consumption Continuously optimizing caching technology to reduce redundant transmissions and optimizing routing to decrease data transmission distances help minimize energy consumption during network transfers.
Network Equipment Efficiency Optimization Implementing rational device management and configuration, optimizing network topology structures, and other measures effectively reduce energy consumption.
Green Operations, Supporting the "Dual Carbon" Goals
Green, clean, and low-carbon practices are important criteria for evaluating upstream and downstream partners at Baishan Cloud. Through collaboration with high-quality partners,
Baishan Cloud fully supports and contributes to achieving the "dual carbon" goals.

China Telecom (National) Digital Qinghai Green Big Data Center

The nation's first 100% clean energy traceable green big data center has a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) index of less than 1.2. It features typical characteristics of green, zero carbon, and traceability, and it boasts differentiated advantages.

China Mobile Yangtze River Delta (Huainan) Data Center

Building a data center AI "intelligent cooling" system with an annual average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) optimization effect of 8%-15%. It achieves an annual average power saving of about 2.8 million kilowatt-hours, a water saving of 24,000 tons, and reduces carbon emissions by 2,686 tons.

China Unicom (Qinghai) Sanjiangyuan National Big Data Base

By employing advanced N+1 indirect evaporative cooling air conditioning, water-cooled chillers, plate heat exchangers, cooling towers, and low-temperature natural water source technology, the annual average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is maintained below 1.2. This results in a 50% energy saving compared to traditional mechanical cooling systems.
Note: The above information is sourced from official materials of the partners.
Technology Empowering Rural Revitalization
Baishan Cloud actively supports and participates in the national poverty alleviation and rural revitalization projects. Leveraging cloud computing and big data, it aids in targeted poverty alleviation and empowers intelligent agriculture, aiming to achieve the goal of "easy cultivation, easy selling." For example, in Dongping Village, Baide Town, Xingren City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, Baishan Cloud utilizes technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing. By delving into the fields and using precise data collection and analysis, it assists in guiding farmers to achieve precision planting, improving the yield and quality of Job's tears, and providing information support for the entire visualized traceability of Job's tears production.
Actively Engaging in Philanthropic Activities
Business Ethics
Baishan Cloud consistently adheres to a business philosophy that is legal, compliant, and by ethical standards.
Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery
Continuously optimizing management structures, improving management policies, and enhancing anti-corruption and anti-bribery prevention education. Regularly updating and refining policies and regulations for company employees, suppliers, and other partners to establish a healthy and fair corporate values system.
Intellectual Property Protection
Establishing a robust system for the protection of intellectual property rights, ensuring the protection of one's intellectual property while respecting the intellectual property rights of others in an open and friendly manner.
Diverse, Equal, and Inclusive Employee Culture
Baishan Cloud gathers outstanding talent worldwide, providing inclusive and equitable opportunities for development and advancement to employees of different nationalities, races, ages, genders, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds.

A standardized talent development system, clear compensation incentives, and promotion pathways.

Encouraging a culture of focus and excellence among engineers to accelerate the emergence of technological innovations.

Supporting the rights and well-being of female employees in the workplace and family and promoting awareness of employee equality.

Explicitly prohibiting language, behavior, and decisions with discriminatory, harassing, abusive, violent, or other harmful tendencies.

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